Castaway, Industrial Space in NW Portland

Full of natural light and adorned with greenery, nestled near the Willamette River on the edge of the Pearl District. This 1929 warehouse was lovingly restored in 2014 to its original glory and we at Lily & Cane just LOVE working there. Here’s some photos of a branding shoot we were fortunate to stage at Castaway.

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We’ll take you for a little tour of our shoot. This is Playa Blanca Lounge, a brand new lounge we designed. It’s simple, with an outdoor vibe that can be brought indoors. And just look at those plants at Castaway!

This is the Sunset Teak Lounge, our largest lounge, it’s actually a Double Lounge (you can rent just one or the double), seen here against Castaway’s bright industrial backdrop.

Here’s a link to our Sunset Teak Lounge – or the Double Lounge.
Another breathtaking view from within Castaway featuring a Café style setup with our Brass Café tables and black chairs.

You’ll love the elegance these tables will bring to your space.
There’s a reflective and shininess that adds glamour and grandeur.

These are our custom made Ella Bar Tables, they come in both black and white.
Big shout out to Castaway for hosting our branding shoot. You make our furniture look dang good!
See you at the next event!

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