Coopers Hall, urban winery & perfect setting for our Rent This Look shoot

You may have noticed our Rent This Look section while browsing through our event rentals. The goal behind it is to create a complete look. We don’t want you to rent from us then have to shop around for more, or worse, end up with an incomplete look that feels bare. All the looks we created with the help of Sara Bergqvist, our friend and stylist. After months of planning, shopping and styling, we spent the day shooting at Coopers Hall.

About Coopers Hall
Coopers Hall is an urban winery in a mid 20th century building previously the home to an auto body shop. They produce their wine on site, but not only is it a winery, it’s also a restaurant and an event venue. So if you’re looking for a spot for date night or happy hour, we absolutely, 100% recommend going. The atmosphere is so beautiful. You’ll be surrounded by wine barrels and greenery. I go there every once in a while and am still in awe of the space. And, let’s not forget, there’s wine! Delicious wine!

Where it all began for Vintage Meets Modern
Coopers Hall is dear to me personally, because it was where I held my first event, before ever opening Vintage Meets Modern and joining the events industry. In fact, it was that event that launched my second career as owner of Vintage Meets Modern. I was working at a commercial real estate firm and we wanted to put together a client event. Coopers Hall was actually still being built. We would go visit every couple of weeks to see the progress and ended up being their very first event, before they ever opened to the public! So, you see, this place is nostalgic to me.

This round ceiling is like no other. Love the industrial urban vibe.
This is the view from the mezzanine. Those cafe lights create quite a vibe.
Wine barrels become part of your event’s decor. How cool is that?
Our team fluffing pillows ;0)
This is our White Lacquer table (13 available)
and the Monochrome Light lounge in the background
A closer look at our Monochrome Light lounge. Rent it HERE.
We staged the mezzanine with our Desert Blush Lounge. Rent it HERE.
My favorite part of the mezzanine is the two giant trays of hanging plants.
They breathe life into the space.

And I’ll leave you with photos from our Marie Antoinette Lounge, which you can rent HERE, with the gorgeous wine barrels in the background.

Learn more about this gorgeous venue and winery at
Styled by Sara Bergqvist with Vintage Meets Modern.
Photos by Stephanie Jarstad.

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