Ellwood Bars, inspired by mid-century architecture

We’re thrilled to introduce to the market these two gorgeous Mid-century inspired bars. We wanted to create a bar for our clients that not only looked beautiful but that incorporated some functions we felt were essential for both transport and for those who use it most, bartenders.

This means you don’t need to rent an extra table and hide it underneath the bar. The Ellwood bars come with pre-space for your bartenders to use.

One thing we knew for sure was that we had to have built-in beer and wine taps for fresh pours. Coopers Hall provided us with their gorgeous logo’ed wine taps. But if you’re not serving wine on tap, you can use the beer taps.

The bars do roll, so if you want to move it around during the event, it’s super easy. You can rent 1, or both for an extra long bar. Each bar can host 2 bartenders.

In addition to all the functionality, we wanted high quality bars that just looked good, so we can help you elevate your event design. The Ellwood bars are named after Craig Ellwood, a modernist mid-century architect who’s designs were groundbreaking and influential.

At Vintage Meets Modern, we drew inspiration for these bars from both interior and exterior accent walls in mid-century homes. The narrow teak wood panels are a staple of mid-century architecture. We picked out our lumber and went to the drawing board measuring out our boards and deciding on the pattern that looked best. The counter top was also carefully picked out, cut and stained. The counter’s border, from thick. There was no detail we took lightly.

Photos by https://www.dselbak.com/
Venue https://www.coopershall.com/
Bars & Furniture by us!

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