Plaza Del Toro, Industrial Space in Central Eastside, Portland, OR

Vintage Meets Modern teamed up with Stylist Sara Bergqvist to style several lounges for our Rent This Look offerings. Plaza Del Toro allowed us to feed off of their gorgeous interior and really show off our furniture and decor pieces so our clients can see our rentals in action.

About Plaza Del Toro // updated – venue is not longer available.
This gorgeous venue is located in Portland’s Central Eastside. Plaza Del Toro is ran by the same masterminds that bring you Toro Bravo, Tasty n Sons, Tasty n Alder, Shalom Y’all, Bless Your Heart Burgers and Mediterranean Exploration Company. Needless to say, if you choose Plaza Del Toro as your event venue, you are set as far as the menu! Oh and would you please send us an invite?

We at Lily & Cane are eternally grateful for Plaza Del Toro having generously loaned their beautiful venue for a day so we can plan, style, photograph, inspire and be inspired. I’ll stop babbling, just look at these photos.

Those doors on the left are your entrance to the venue. There’s two tiers of windows on the North and West facing walls, and what really gets me every time I’m in there is the fact that these are cement walls! This is an industrial spot in the heart of Portland’s industrial district! It’s absolute perfection.
This is our Monochrome Dark Lounge. And off to the side is our custom made
Walnut Round table. It’s a gem. We carry 15!
They have this cool barn door that’s nothing like a barn door you’ve ever seen, it’s industrial. We had to move one of our lounges right in front of it. That’s me, moving our Tammy Loveseat, the centerpiece to our Black & White Lounge. Timeless, industrial. Bellisimo!
So let’s pan out a little bit
And pan out a little more…
The floor, the windows, the ceiling! Are you ready to book this venue or what?
Those globe lights are a dream…

And if you were to turn right around, there’s the brick walls
and the front entrance over to your left.
And over at the other side of the venue is where we staged our Velvet Luxe Lounge. Do you see that beautiful blue textured wall on the left? And the black wall that provides the backdrop to their bar.

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