The story behind our NW Walnut Rounds

// Updated – we have two of these tables FOR SALE! email us through our contact page if you are interested. More info:

We set out to bring reception tables to wedding and what is known as banquet tables to corporate events that just simply did not exist. We wanted an option for round tables that did not have to be covered with linens.

It was a lengthy process of research, testing, sketching, erasing, re-sketching, more research, more testing and finally we settled on the most beautiful dark wood out there! NW Walnut. It’s truly a remarkable wood. You don’t stain this wood, you just treat it and bring out it’s gorgeous natural beauty in the process. Each table is unique, the planks are cut at different width and length but always add up to exactly 60″ in diameter. You have to see these tables in person. They are breath taking. And that’s the point, wowing your guests and enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings.

This is a new option for reception rounds that does not require linens! A result of a collaboration between Vintage Meets Modern and local Portland master craftsmen and women in welding and woodworking.

The table top is made out of hand picked Northwest walnut. You can’t find this anywhere else. And we made sure the tops and bases could be interchangeable and easily assembled (bonus for our movers).

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